Tuesday April 18, 2017

Ice Show

Left Brained

I continue to fight my left brain dominance. I mean who doesn’t enjoy reading a good physics or math textbook? My family rolls their eyes, even though their side of the family tree had a physics teacher!

Weekly Photo – Ice Show

I took my camera to the local figure skating show, and I was able to get a couple of keepers. Not bad peformance shooting through dirty scratched glass in the dark!


Tuesday January 17, 2017

Bucking Bronco

Feeding My Muse

Over the next 12 months, I will be posting somewhat strange artistic pieces, as I try and find my artistic voice. I don’t know where it is headed, but I’m feeding my Muse in hopes that something great will happen. Stay tuned, I have some strange ideas…

Bucking Bronco

It amazes me how much power and agility horses have. They are intelligent, big and engaged with humans. It is quite a treat to be around them and discover how they communicate. Here, Jessica let her horse have some play time in the arena where he was able to fool around for a bit.


Tuesday August 25, 2015

Are all boats beautiful?

Don’t Let Them Take Your Voice

As far as I can figure, there are two main types of bullies. You have the ones that are bigger than you are, and they use their sheer size to make you do what they want. The second type is more dangerous. They have something you want and can make your life miserable while you try to accommodate their every wish. I have a friend that grew up in the Ukraine, and his father told him if he didn’t spin the way the government wanted him to, things would go very bad for him. Like my friend from the Ukraine did, you just bide your time until you can make a move and get out from underneath the iron fist. Don’t let them take your voice.

Are all boats beautiful?

Did you ever see a boat you didn’t like? These pontoon boats are really becoming the most popular boats around these parts.I’ve seen a few going with a couple of jetskis tagging along behind them. Super Fun!


Tuesday August 11, 2015

Garden Creek Waterfalls

Old Orchard Beach

Just spent literally a fortune at Old Orchard. I love it there. Jessica and I spent two days straight in the surf with our boogie boards. I’ve never seen this place so busy. We actually had trouble finding a spot to put our beach towels down.

Garden Creek Waterfalls

This is an easy falls to get to. I find the water supply the best for photography in June, but there are so many different photos to be had there, that you can grab a nice photo any time of year really. The coordinates are N 45 56.322’ / W 66 43.279’

There is a 1 km marker on the side of the road when heading in the West bound lanes. Behind this marker, there is an ATV trail that leads right down to the falls. Leave your pooch at home. Litterbugs have been out in full force, but the falls have stayed pristine.


Tuesday May 19, 2015

Nashwaaksis Wetlands

Back In The Saddle

I haven’t picked up a camera and taken serious pictures in a year. A few times before that, I would try to do a shoot, and it was a big fail. It was just easier to leave it in the case, than to face another terrible photo. I finally got myself back in the saddle and took some pics of my friend’s kids hockey team. I took a refresher course from Gary Weekes Photography and he got me back on track. If you need some photos taken, give him a call. Really professional and super nice guy…and calm! LOL. The hockey pics turned out very well, like I know I can do, and hopefully I can take a few good images this summer and knock the rust off.

Nashwaaksis Wetlands

This is a cool spot to check out. There is a lot of wildlife in here. I keep hoping to see a big moose, but, it has been some pretty impressive birds. This wetland is wet most of if not all year. It somehow keeps pretty clean down in here. I think people are starting to respect these areas knowing they are filtering water, and providing a valuable ecosystem.


Tuesday December 16, 2014

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride

Elf On A Shelf

We have this little red elf named Oliver that showed up here on December 1st. Every night, he gets into some mischief of some sort. We just put our Christmas tree up. I hope the creepy little bugger doesn’t bring that tree down some night!

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride

Coming soon to a place near you…SNOW! Yahoo! This is my buddy Clarence on a 2010 Yamaha Vector. It didn’t take much to make this sled smile for the camera. The shot was taken with a Canon S95. It is a great little camera about the size of a credit card, so it is a good pocket camera. I keep a blog here at wesled.ca of our snowmobile trips and pictures. Keep checking back throughout the winter to catch up on our excursions, and if you have a sled, give us a shout and come and join us!


Tuesday November 11, 2014

Do You Have a Special Place?

You Know The Story

Ferdinand, Hitler, Roosevelt, Mussolini, DeGaulle, Tojo, Stalin, Lenin, Churchill, Patton, MacArthur. All relatively young in the Great War and who would go on to change the 20th Century. WWI brought a new mechanization into war, the first use of chemical warfare, and the invention of the tank which led to over 35 million casualties.

By the end of the war, Germany and Russia lost substantial territory. The Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires ceased to exist. The maps of Europe and Southern Asia were redrawn. During the Paris Peace Conference, the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and the formation of The League of Nations were to prevent another conflict on a global scale. This aim failed eventually leading to WWII.

The armistice went into effect at 11am Paris time on 11 November 1918, which marked the defeat of Germany and the central powers. Today was a time to pause, reflect and remember those who fought for the freedom we enjoy today.

Do You Have a Special Place?

I always try to find places like this that exist in nature. If you can find these places, they can bring a lot of peace and solitude. It feels good for the soul. Last week, people were fretting about the snow. I personally can’t wait to hit the trails on the snowmobile. Find something you love to do in the winter, and it will help get you through the tough times.


Tuesday October 14, 2014

Old School Photos

Wiser With Age

I think I’m finally getting wiser with age. Last night, I actually nailed 2 answers in a row on Jeopardy!

Old School Photos

I bought a Polaroid Land Camera 250, and I have been trying different subjects to find what makes a good candidate for black and white photos. The camera was made in 1967, and takes a pretty decent picture. This photo below was actually done by taking a picture of the negative with my cell phone, and using photoshop to invert it back into a positive. Kinda cool looking if you like old school. I like the border from the negative, and all the flaws from the scratches and dust on the lens, make it look like a vintage piece.

Tuesday October 7, 2014


Assistant Photog

I was fortunate to be able to help assist on a photoshoot this past weekend. It was excellent to get some tips from a real pro and look through the lens in a different perspective. It amazes me what you see or don’t see in photography, until someone points it out. Check out Gary Weekes Photography, and if you need some photographs taken, tell him Brad sent you!


It turns out that Palomino is a coat colour in horses, consisting of a gold coat and white mane and tail. When I went looking for “the palomino”, I thought it was a black and white spotted horse, which I now know is called a paint or pinto…lol. I tried to get under the fencing and found out quick enough that it was a live wire! ZAP! So, I decided for the safety of us both, I would shoot from outside. I shot this with a wide angle to make her head as big as possible. People love animals with big heads…babies also!


Tuesday August 26, 2014

CH-124 Sea King

Things I know

  • You have to swim to keep from drowning
  • One’s a fastball, Two’s a curve
  • I’m in an elevator and it is going up

CH-124 Sea King

I’ve never had the guts to get up in a helicopter yet, but these things amaze me. I need to somehow get over my fear of heights and try one out someday.

This thing here is all business. The aircraft’s compact design boasts a fold-up rotor and tail that help it to fit on even the smallest warship’s deck, and its amphibious hull lends it the ability to conduct an emergency water landing.

The CH-124 is powered by two turboshaft engines and is equipped with subsurface acoustic detection equipment and homing torpedoes. Employing these, the Sea King lifts off from destroyers and frigates to locate and destroy submarines.

Capable of flying in day or night, the CH-124 is a versatile surveillance aircraft. It was procured mainly for anti-submarine warfare (ASW), but has expanded its role since coming into service in 1963. Domestically, Sea Kings contribute to search and rescue (SAR) operations, disaster relief, counter-narcotic operations, and fisheries and pollution patrols.

The helicopter also plays a vital role in international peacekeeping operations. It has been heavily committed to the international campaign against terrorism. Since being deployed to the Persian Gulf in 2001, CH-124s have conducted hundreds of missions to transport troops and locate suspicious vessels.